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Skin Care Tip of the Day

More Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tip of the Day

More Skin Care Tips

Wrinkles: How To Prevent Premature Aging

Skin aging is a natural process. It happens over time when the elastin and collagen in your skin start to decline causing wrinkles. Also, cell production as well as cell quality reduces greatly leading to formation of wrinkles and lines on the skin. While these factors are beyond our control there are ways to prevent premature aging of the skin which are mostly the result of environmental pollution and sun damage.

  • Diet plays a very important role in keeping our skin in shape. A well-balanced, nutritious diet lends a healthy glow to the skin. Also, make sure to include 8 glasses of water in your diet every day. This keeps the system hydrated and makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Include supplements in your diet. Ask your doctor about the supplements that you can have every day for a good skin.
  • Use natural products such as honey, aloe vera, avocado, orange peel and others regularly on your face. These provide nutrients to the skin and keep it soft and smooth.
  • There are a number of organic anti aging skin care products that comprise natural herbs and are excellent for the skin. You must use them regularly for the best results.

A proper skincare regimen from our early days is very important to ensure that our skin does not age prematurely and looks fresh and youthful for many years.

Contributed by: Kathy - Reno, Nv.

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